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Gig: Alphabet Set 10th Birthday

March 9th, 2012 | Leave a comment!

Extremely late notice, but I’m playing my first live gig since getting back to Ireland tomorrow night, 10th March 2012, at U, 13 High Street, Dublin 2. I’m playing downstairs and should be starting at 10pm. You’ll be pleased to hear that admission is free!

I’m really looking forward to it and will be playing some work that is in progress for an upcoming release.

It should be lots of fun as the Alphabet Set celebrate 10 years of musical wonder. Official blurb follows!

Alphabet Set : Decade : 10th March


  • Automatic Tasty
  • Ebauche
  • Sixfootapprentice


  • Mynameisjohn
  • Olan
  • Rodney
  • Alphabet Set DJ’s

The Alphabet Set are back at 13 High St to celebrate our 10th anniversary with a SERIES of monthly parties that’ll feature a plethora of the artists and DJs that have released, gotten involved, helped out or just caught our ear over the decade. U is the latest and so far the finest incarnation of Molloys where the Alphabet Set ran our first sessions, with two areas of music over 4 floors. Expect to hear vinyl gems from roughly every style and from every era upstairs and live electronic jams in the basement.

Our goal at the time of starting, and still is, to provide a platform for bedroom producers and DJs to get out, play live, perform and release. These sessions will be no different with a mix of up and coming and established names in the monthly melting pot.

Admission is free and session runs 9 – 1.

Swarm Intelligence – On The Edge EP

October 5th, 2011 | Leave a comment!

Irish record label Invisible Agent have recently launched Swarm Intelligence’s first solo EP, a fascinating bass heavy, pumping 4 track. I’m intimately acquainted with the release having done the final mastering and can say (disclosure: as I’m the mastering engineer you could say I’m a little biased) that it sounds fantastic. I think the final track on the EP, Gomb, is my favourite.

Buy Now

Press Release

Originally from Ireland, Berlin based Simon Hayes has a fetish for the musically obscene. Expect a twisted mega-mash of grime, industrial Techno and jungle when he hits the Technics. On the production side his ability to fuse grimey deep bass with neck-snapping Electro and distorted Techno is second to none. Simon is an accomplished remix artist with works on Section27, Alkalinear and TakeOver Records. He is a regular contributor to Darkfloor and Mantis Radio. His earlier AgentCast DJ Mix has been enjoyed by thousands of listeners. If you thought mixing, remixing and producing weren’t enough for Simon you’d be right. Simon is label owner and manager of ‘Stasis Records’ a home of abstract electronics from Ireland and overseas. Be sure to check out his label for other killer releases.

T-Woc’s Jetstar now available for free on Bandcamp

September 30th, 2011 | Leave a comment!

Alphabet Set’s very own T-Woc is back with a brand new free release available for download on Bandcamp right now!

It’s a very cool EP of eclectic electronica with a wide range of influences kicking in.

You can download this unique piece of electronic music for free over at Bandcamp in pretty much any format you choose, Mp3, FLAC, OGG, AAC, etc.

Download Jetstar by T-Woc now.

Press Blurb

So we live in the future these days, a time of plentiful digital bounty to make up for the shortfall in the real world. All recorded music is just a few clicks away if you know where to look. It’s easy to be overwhelmed as a listener, and as a producer and DJ, the more pies you have fingers in, the harder it is to define your sound. It’s an issue that t-woc has certainly had to deal with. A ultra-diverse DJ, Reggae selectah par excellence, helmsman of the alphabet set electronica collective, Hip-Hop fanatic, one of Ireland’s original dubsteppers and fan of many other things weird and wonderful in music.

So how do you fit all these influences in to your music and keep it coherent? The Jetstar EP is how. His 6th for Alphabet Set was done with the help of some vinyl, field recordings, an out of tune analogue synth, a trio of crusty vintage fx units and a dash of MPC. This is t-woc music – a blend of neck snapping beats, glistening electronic melodies, steppers vibes and proper basslines, often with a t-woc trademark twist at the end. Big grooves which could only have been made right now in 2011. Named after a track that didn’t make the cut, The Jetstar EP is available for free download Friday 30/09/11

New Ebauche podcast available on Invisible Agent

April 2nd, 2011 | 2 Comments

Some more free music downloads for you! If you’re looking for a nice ambient mix to listen to whilst working, chilling out, or going to sleep then head on over to Invisible Agent to download this free podcast.

Over the years I’ve built up a sizeable collection of great ambient music and I love putting together these mixes. Track list is below for those that are interested.


  1. Machine Drum – Cream Soda Part 1
  2. Klimek – Pathways To Work
  3. Gel-Sol – Mourning Wok
  4. Chihei Hatakeyama – Sacred Flowers
  5. Windy & Carl – Elevation
  6. Fennesz – Glide
  7. The Sight Below – Nowhere
  8. Loscil – Showers of Ink
  9. Secede – Ballroom Arcade
  10. Sebastien Roux – Flicker
  11. The Sight Below – At First Touch
  12. Secede – Now I Can Weave Magic Spells
  13. Brian McBride – Overture (for Other Halfs)
  14. Esmerine – And They Left No Footprints In The Dust Behind Them
  15. Hangedup – Broken Reel

Sunken Foal – Mother of God

January 18th, 2011 | Leave a comment!

Great news! Sunken Foal has new music for your listening pleasure – he’s released a new 6-track EP titled “Mother of God” and if it’s half as good as his Fallen Arches release on Planet Mu a while back, it’s going to be awesome.

This man writes some incredible electronic music. Well worth checking out.

You can read the release post over on Acroplane.org, or buy it directly from Boomkat, Addictech, Juno, Amazon, or Emusic.

Two years after their well-received Planet Mu album, Sunken Foal return with six tracks for Acroplane. Mother Of God finds their sound at a juncture of Alex Smoke-like, Autechre-referencing electronica in Low Mountain Light Socket and the mercury fuming synths and quickstep syncopations of Gift Knee Pads, while Colloidal Glass is a glassy IDM configuration and Platforms like some swaggering Gescom beat. Ace.

via Mother of God | Acroplane.org.

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