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Swarm Intelligence – On The Edge EP

October 5th, 2011 | Comments RSS Feed | Leave a comment

Irish record label Invisible Agent have recently launched Swarm Intelligence’s first solo EP, a fascinating bass heavy, pumping 4 track. I’m intimately acquainted with the release having done the final mastering and can say (disclosure: as I’m the mastering engineer you could say I’m a little biased) that it sounds fantastic. I think the final track on the EP, Gomb, is my favourite.

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Press Release

Originally from Ireland, Berlin based Simon Hayes has a fetish for the musically obscene. Expect a twisted mega-mash of grime, industrial Techno and jungle when he hits the Technics. On the production side his ability to fuse grimey deep bass with neck-snapping Electro and distorted Techno is second to none. Simon is an accomplished remix artist with works on Section27, Alkalinear and TakeOver Records. He is a regular contributor to Darkfloor and Mantis Radio. His earlier AgentCast DJ Mix has been enjoyed by thousands of listeners. If you thought mixing, remixing and producing weren’t enough for Simon you’d be right. Simon is label owner and manager of ‘Stasis Records’ a home of abstract electronics from Ireland and overseas. Be sure to check out his label for other killer releases.

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