Ear Music Volume 1 by Dr. Nol

Posted: 2014-09-18

Dr Nol - Ear Music Volume 1 - Cover

Dublin based Cignol also releases under his alias “Dr. Nol” and he’s recently released a 7-track half-hour collection of “retro-acid and Italo-influenced hardware jams”.

Check out a preview in the embedded Bandcamp player below.

Overall it’s great fun, and the ‘Italo-influenced’ moniker is correct, frequently making me think of the surprisingly awesome “I-Robots – Italo Disco Underground Classics“, but with an even crisper sound. The production values are very good with everything sitting extremely well in the mix.

Sweetly filtered synths and  303s bounce along backed with infectious beats that bring a smile to your face – sometimes verging on hilarious (I’m looking at the classic tom rolls, brilliant).

If you’re looking for something to put a little bounce in your step and grin on your face, then you can’t go too far wrong with this ‘name your price’ release on Cignol’s Bandcamp page.


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