Ebauche’s new Album “Adrift” reaches first funding goal!

Posted: 2015-01-21

High-quality canvas print of the new Ebauche album artwork

I’m absolutely delighted the new Ebauche album, “Adrift”, has reached its first funding goal on Indiegogo! Thank you so much to all our supporters so far, every little bit counts!

We’ve set our next goal and we’re aiming to reach €1,000 funding. Of course, if we can reach that it wouldn’t be the same without some new perks and a special bonus to say thanks to all the funders. Check out the details after the break.

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New Ebauche Adrift Perk!

We’ve added a second 10″ lathe cut vinyl perk, this will come with a cover design variation and unique mixes of another 20 minutes of tracks from the album! Each side runs at 10 minutes at 45 rpm. Perfect for the collectors  out there!

Remember that each lathe-cut is hand made in real-time, meaning that each and every record will have its own uniqueness. I’m very excited to have my first vinyl out there.

Bonus Ebauche Track!

If we can reach our next goal of €1,000, Ebauche will include a special digital-only bonus track in the album download for all our funders! That could mean the full release will be close to an hour and a half of music!

Definitely value for money 🙂

Make sure to check out the beautiful prints on offer

Don’t forget we’ve got beautiful limited-edition canvas prints on offer, as well as a smaller but equally high-quality Giclee poster print for the more budget-conscious! The canvas print quality is just stunning, and really captures the vitality and vibrancy of the original oil painting by Polish artist Adrianna Snochowksa.

Click on the photos below to see a full-size preview.

Thanks again to everyone that’s come out and supported the new release. It means the world to me and you can feel happy that you’re supporting independent musicians and a great record label that’s been tirelessly helping get new and interesting music out to the world.

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