Mucilage Biopsy

Ebauche - Mucilage Biopsy - Cover - 700x700

Welcome to my long-awaited ABCNET EP, Mucilage Biopsy, which carries you through a dark and unusual landscape of sound.

Weird synths build into walls of sound and fall away into a breathtaking panorama of auditory hallucinations; bells chime and disappear into the distance; distorted voices bubble under the surface, before being washed away; and mangled beats, held at arms length, burst into view when they can be restrained no longer.


Thanks to the Alphabet Set for putting this out there and always being supportive. Thanks to Love Rhino for his kind words and a guest slot at his album launch where I got a chance to test this release out (and the impending nature of said album launch got me to pull my finger out and compose a large part of what’s on this EP).


  1. Mucilage Biopsy (40:51)

Release Details

Year 2009
Length 00:40:51
Cat # ABCNET014
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