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I am delighted to announce that my new album, Mutable, is nearly ready for its release. The album comprises 5 hauntingly beautiful hypnotic ambient tracks, as well as a remix by the legendary Arovane. It will be mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri, and is being released on digital download, streaming, vinyl, and CD.

The new album was inspired by a dream I had just before I finished Adrift, and a skeleton outline of all of the pieces was composed in December 2014. I spent the following 2 years continuing to work on these compositions and then in 2017 I started and completed the mixdowns.

I have paid enormous attention to the sound of this album and I really hope that you will hear, and feel, the depth and warmth in these compositions.

Help make it a reality

In order to get this out, I am trying to raise some funds through an Indiegogo campaign. With mastering and CD/Vinyl production costs to come, I’m hoping to cover a about half of these costs with your help. I need to raise at least €1,000, so every little helps.

What’s more, all pre-orders throughout the campaign are discounted from 10-15% so now is a great time to get an order placed!

Support the campaign

Get physical

There are a wealth of tactile formats for your to choose from. A beautifully designed vinyl with gatefold-sleeve. There will also be a high-quality CD package with booklet for the artwork. Finally, there are both prints and original paintings available.

The album will be released in March, but you can pre-order now on the Indiegogo campaign page.

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  1. Chwiać
  2. Zmienny
  3. Powolny
  4. Drgać
  5. Rozwijać
  6. Chwiać AMX (Arovane Remix)

Release Details

Year 2018
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