Sneak preview of some new sounds

Posted: 2015-01-07

Sun dappled on melting snow - Photo by Ebauche

Whilst I’m still working on finishing my brand new Ebauche album; during the holidays I found myself hugely inspired following a dream.

I instantly got stuck in to expanding on the sounds that were swirling around in the dream and this was one of the results. There are four other tracks drafted and I have one more that I’m working on.

It’ll be a while before this is ready to properly see the light of day and it still needs work, but I thought it’d be good to throw this out there and see what people thought.

Check it out below!

Of course I’ll need to make sure to focus on actually finishing the new “Adrift” release first (to be released on Invisible Agent soon), but it’s a lovely feeling to already know where I’m heading with the next release, and we’re likely going to be looking at two full-length Ebauche releases this year! Note that this is a very rough draft.

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