Spaces – One – Review

Posted: 2014-11-05

Spaces - One - Bleep Records

Spaces recently released their 4-track debut EP, “One”, on Bleep Records. It’s a fascinating debut which is well worth a listen. Check out a preview of the third track, Lever, below:

Simultaneously dense and spacious , Spaces appear to have built on his earlier work with Solen and refined that sound to something even more aurally intriguing. Each track seems to carry through elements from the previous one, almost giving a sense that the whole EP was composed as a single track.

Peppered throughout the release are fragments of vocals, sometimes being introduced as semi-percussive elements, other times rising just under the surface. The seemingly-at-odds mix of density and sparsity is quite fascinating, with certain elements pumping quite heavily whilst the fragmentation of synths and other elements liberally peppered with breaks ensures that it is never overpowering and ensures that the entire release retains a healthy dynamic range.

I felt that “Apologies” was the strongest track of the release, with a beautiful, somewhat Autechre-esque, melodic build towards the end of the track, it’s short, but oh so sweet. “Apologies” is closely followed by “In Wait” as a favoured track, with slightly more judicious usage of reverberated elements providing some contrast to the previous track dynamics.

A strong first release and I’m looking forward to hearing more.

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